Stereotypes, Labels & Stigmas Do Not Define You!

Society has a way of reminding black women that negative stereotypes, stigmas and label are still around. Unfortornately, they tend to
cause anger, sadness, low self esteem and prevents alot of black women from living their best lives.
No, you may not be able to control what people say or believe, but the good news is that you can always control how you react to the non sense that is placed out in the universe.

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Hi There!

I’m Renee.  Unfortunately, I was once that black woman held captive by our cultural stigmas, stereotypes and labels. I felt unworthy and limited  because of the skin I was in. As a result, I fell prey to anxiety and depression.

After alot of CBT, self care, stress management and personal development I eventually realized I was not defined by stereotypes, stigmas or lables and was able to overcome anxiety & depression, find my serenity, and started living my best life.

My mission is to help black women break free from negative stereotypes, stigmas & labels designed to bring her down and instead utilize self-care, stress management and personal development so that she can live her best, meaningful life.


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