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Here is a list of my favorite self improvement, self care, stress management and mental health books, apps, blogs and podcast that I guarantee will help creat your best life. contact me if you have a useful resource to add to the list. 


Helplines and Educational Resources

Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) provides information on prevention, treatment, and symptoms of anxiety, depression and related conditions (240-485-1001) 

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):1-800-950-NAMI (1-800-950-6264)

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention provides referrals to support groups and mental health professionals, resources on loss, and suicide prevention information (888-333-2377)

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline connects callers to trained crisis counselors (800-273-8255)

Mental Health Books for Black Women

Black Women’s Mental Health: Balancing Strength and Vulnerability – This book offers a unique and thoughtful look at the challenges and potency of Black women’s struggle for inner peace and mental stability. Merging theory and practice with personal stories, the book develops a new approach towards Black women’s wellness in order to provide logical solutions. 

Love Begins Here: A Self Care Journal for Black Women  The perfect self-care journal to  record your mental, physical and emotional health. It has a variety of tools that will allow you to address every aspect of self-care to start you on the journey to a better you!

Soothe Your Nerves: The Black Woman’s Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety, Panic, and Fears

Thousands of Black women suffer from anxiety. What’s worse is that many of us have been raised to believe we are Strong Black Women and that seeking help shows weakness. So we often turn to dangerous quick fixes that only exacerbate the problem or we deny that we have problems at all. Soothe Your Nerves  offers a range of healing methods that will help you or a loved one reclaim your life.

Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself as a Black Woman

 Inspirational and uplifting, Loving Yourself as a Black Woman emphasizes ten life lessons that addresses your most intimate, personal, and professional life. The author addresses key issues such as: Self-worth, self-love, what some black women tend to think the definition of true happiness is, and the five most common types of black women.

I Got This!: 30 day Tips for Black Women with Anxiety or Depression

This book is to help black women identify symptoms of anxiety and/or depression and learn coping mechanisms to begin managing their symptoms.

Be Unapologetically You: A Self Love Guide for Women of Color

As a woman of color, you think you are at the bottom of the pile but your position is unique and your differences are not your weakness, they are your strength. You will learn to question everything you have always believed about yourself and what is important to you. You decide what kind of behavior you are not prepared to accept, from yourself or from others. Then you discover that loving yourself is non-negotiable 

Black Women Empowerment Daily Affirmation Motivational Gratitude Journal: Phenomenal Woman

Capture all of the positivity that happens in your day girls. Too many people want to beat you down, so concentrate on the positive and empower yourself by journaling the good things in your life. You are a proud African American girl full of black girl magic and black pride. Record your favorite thoughts, events and quotes among other things.

Willow Weep for Me: A Black Woman’s Journey Through Depression 

Takes a look at the author’s personal struggle with depression, the hidden causes of her illness, the effect it had on her life, and her ability to cope with the through it all.

Women + Patterns + Plants: A self-care colouringbook

A self-care colouring book made up of stunning women, patterns and plants. These bold illustrations are crying out for your coloured pencils and felt pens.  


Headspace – A personal meditation guide, right in your pocket. 

Happify – Overcome stress and negative thoughts. Build resilience. 

Talkspace – Online Therapy with a Licensed Therapist 

Sleep Time – Sleep Time provides insight into your sleep patterns. By tracking your level of movement throughout the night, Sleep Time generates customized sleep data in easy-to-read charts. 

Calm – Find your Calm with the Calm app. Calms help you sleep more, Stress less, and live better. 

Better Help– provides Professional, licensed and vetted counselors that you can trust. Get matched to the best counselor for you. Communicate your way: Messaging, Chat, Phone, or Video. Schedule therapy when you need it.


Therapy for Black Girls

I absolutely love this site. It is dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of black women and girls. The greatest part?There is a directory full of black therapistst not understand anxiety, depression and more, but also understand our cultural stigmas in order to help us overcome our issues the best.

***I was no able to find many other blogs dedicated to help black women with anxiety and/or depression, but there are other fabulous blogs that are dedicated to helping women with various types of anxiety and/or depression.***

Anxiety Sisters – Two individuals who met in undergrad found they had  some of the same issue of anxiety. Together they overcame anxiety and depression later creating a blog to help other women to also overcome various forms of anxiety.

Anxious Lass – Uk native shares her story of her social anxiety, how she overcame it and she is now focus on helping others over come social anxiety.

Pod Cast

The Black Girl Healing Project

Conversations about mental health for women of color. The Black Girl Healing Project Podcast is hosted by Jennifer Sterling, Registered Dance/Movement Psychotherapist and Holistic Nutritionist.

Fireflies Unite 

Fireflies Unite is a mental health media and communications company founded by suicide survivor T-Kea Blackman. Its mission is to bring light into darkness (just like the fireflies) by sharing the stories of people of color who live and THRIVE with mental health conditions.

Therapy for Black Girls

Therapy for Black Girls made the list once again. They not only have a helpful blog, but there is also a very informative podcast youc an listen too on the go or while you are relaxing.